Zriha Medical provides manufacturing services to the medical device industry, whether for home care or for use in hospitals and clinics. Strict supervision and regulation is needed to minimize the risk of harm to human health and life; by ensuring each device is safe and functions correctly for patient use.

Zriha Medical meets all the requirements and standards and is happy to provide a comprehensive service that ensures a strict level of quality of the final product.

We guarantee high-quality systems meeting the standards of ISO 13485 

This is an international standard for the management of quality systems in organizations engaged in the manufacture of medical devices.

ISO benefits:

  • Collection and analysis of metrics and targets for improvement
  • Confidence in compliance with regulations
  • Reporting and certification that is valuable and recognised


The Cleanroom in our company operates according to the CLASS 8 standard

The ISO 13485 standard is intended for organizations that develop, manufacture and service medical equipment suppliers and includes the requirements of the US FDA (US Food andDrugAdministration).