Medical equipment suppliers expect that the medical equipment will be free of any contaminants; particularly when this equipment will be used for patients receiving invasive medical procedures. To have confidence, select manufacturers who produce the medical device components in clean and controlled rooms. Because it is difficult to maintain a particle-free manufacturing environment, the manufacturer must ensure that the Cleanroom facilities have all protocols, authentication, and approvals, and that the room has a degree of cleanliness appropriate to the classifications of the medical devices manufactured in the factory.

Assembly of medical devices requires compliance with product requirements and regulations. We integrate advanced automation processes and process control in the assembly lines and offer efficient working methods, from completely manual processes to automated processes. Advantages of Sunrise Medical Assembly: Our facilities are supported by an experienced and knowledgeable staff; Advanced machines that provide a variety of mounting solutions of the highest quality medical equipment; Efficient and cost-effective mounting lines; Strict inspections to verify that the specifications are met; High level of performance; Knowledge and experience - from small production to large and creative solutions for the purpose of increasing the optimization of the assembly process.

Optimal assembly processes

We integrate advanced automation processes and quality control systems to maximize efficiency in the assembly lines; supported by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

From small production to large and creative solutions we deliver high levels of performance in assembly processes combining

  • Advanced machinery providing a variety of mounting solutions suitable for the highest quality medical equipment
  • Strict inspections to assess compliance with product specifications and quality regulations
  • Efficient and cost effective mounting lines

Assembly services in rooms that meet stringent standards

As a manufacturer that fully complies with all ISO 13485 regulations, we guarantee a service that meets the most stringent standards. From manual assembly to fully automatic, all operations are performed in a clean ISO Class 8 room to provide our customers with reliable and quality services. Our assembly services include 

  • Ultrasonic soldering
  • Body heating
  • Labeling
  • Tampon and laser prints 
  • Blister packs.

Exceptional sterile packaging standards

There is a growing trend of medical device companies choosing a manufacturer that can perform a variety of services under one roof; providing end to end services combining production and packaging, through to delivery to the end customer.

With the shift in the past twenty years from reusable to single use medical equipment, obtaining and maintaining the sterilization of medical devices has become one of the major challenges facing the industry. To meet this need, there has been a drive for medical device suppliers to identify manufacturers who can provide the added value of Cleanroom packaging and sterilization services.

At Zriha Medical we guarantee exceptional sterile packaging services 

  • ISO Class 8 Cleanroom 
  • Extensive experience in sterilization and verification
  • Team of experts
  • State-of-the-art automatic testing 

Blister packaging

Zriha Medical has packaging machines for blisters, which allow flexibility and adaptation to customer requirements, including the raw materials intended for specific medical packaging. We place an emphasis on easy-to-open packaging through which the product can be seen. These packages, produced in a Cleanroom, have standard approvals from the F.D.A (US Food and Drug Administration) as well as the E.E.C (Joint EU Health Authority). The raw materials are produced in Cleanrooms and under particularly strict quality control.